Loader cranes

Slim. Fast. Safe.

ATLAS loading cranes are slim, fast and safe and equipped as you wish.

For example with the electronic safety system ACM, a support distance measurement, radio remote control or simply, without any electrical support. With a range of 3.70 m to 22 m with load capacities from 0.99 t to 13 t, special designs for building materials, logistics, loading work, lifting work cages or special types, they have one thing in common: the well thought-out and practical quality.

Light loader cranes$
1-8 mt

Medium loader cranes$
9-23 mt

Heavy loader cranes $
24-58 mt

Military loader cranes$
1,3-61 mt

24 pieces

ACM – security under control

The ACM (Atlas Crane Management) is the reliable central element for controlling the Atlas loading cranes. This allows the driver to concentrate fully on his work while the ACM monitors the safety of the operation. The complete control of the system takes place in real time for a trouble-free operation of the overload protection, emergency shutdown and other safety-relevant devices.

CS cranes – simple and strong

CS cranes are reduced to the essentials: pure lifting. The devices work without any electrical control or components – an advantage in terms of price and maintenance effort. The overload protection is purely hydraulic. It is specially designed for the non-European market and is manufactured according to the DIN 15018 guideline. These are the ideal standard cranes for everyday use

LM + – The plus in performance

If necessary, the lifting torque can be increased by approx. 15% by switching on the LM + while reducing the working speed at the same time. This means that even a higher load can be safely transported with the maximum possible range without exceeding the key data on safety and statics.

E-Series – Excellent technology for more productivity

E-series cranes are equipped with a comprehensive safety and comfort package so that you can work more efficiently and the focus is on the result instead of the operation. The E-Series has already proven its quality as a reliable support worldwide in many thousands of hours of use.

Tools and accessories

Radio remote controls

Radio remote controls for loading cranes

New Atlas master switch

  • infinitely variable
  • advanced fiberglass
  • reinforced plastic housing
  • new batteries with 2400 mAh
  • 3 x master switch (stepless)
  • 6 x push buttons
  • various toggle and rotary switches
  • 1 x rotary switch
  • 1 x key switch
  • 1 x push and pull button
  • 1 x two-bay charger new and reinforced
  • 2 x rechargeable batteries 2400 mAh / NiMH
  • max. 20 ON / OFF outputs
  • max. 8 analog outputs
  • 1 x safety relay
  • Start / horn
  • double EMERGENCY
  • Connection for cable controls

Radio remote control versions

Radio remote controls provide the operator with the highest level of safety when controlling loading cranes. From a large number of designs and models, the operator can select the most suitable model for precise, sensitive and efficient work.

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